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An Update, A Piercing, A Song, and Other Randomness :)

10 Jun

Hey everyone! Once again, I return to my much-neglected blog.

I know I had something I wanted to post about today. I just wish I could remember what it was.

Anyway, my brain is dying because the school year is (finally) coming to a close. I only have Spanish left, but I have about 14 lessons to do by this Thursday night. Eek! Wish me luck!

This has been an interesting school year, filled both with ups and downs. Actually, a lot of downs. But the ups have all been totally worthwhile–from NaNoWriMo, to The Warrior and trying to learn two parts at once, to meeting my fabulous friends who attend the same online school I do, to gaining a whole bunch of followers, watching the Truman Show for the first time, getting my ears double-pierced… there have been a lot of ups as well.

All I know is, I could not have made it through this school year without my friends and family, and, most importantly, God. He is amazing. He just is.

Well, I don’t really have much else to say…

Umm… I got my ears double-pierced! Exciting, no?

I got a job!

Like, a real, paid job! I’ll be working in a library twenty hours a week this summer. At minimum wage, that’s the most money I’ve ever made in that amount of time. I’m super excited–I’ll be doing things from cataloging on the computer, to possibly book repair(!), maybe some photo editing, and whatever random tasks need done in the back of the library. And honestly, it boils down to this: I wouldn’t have been able to have this opportunity without some handy connections, and, ultimately, God providing in ways I just didn’t expect. Isn’t God just cool that way?

Anyway, while I’ll miss certain bits of this school year (like The Warrior!), I’m glad it’s coming to a close, and excited to see what God has in store for me this summer and junior year.

Why don’t I write things down when they come to me? I had a song picked out to post at the end of this post (that sounded repetitive), but right now I can’t even think what it was…

So in the meantime enjoy “Believe” by The Letter Black (which sounds kind of like a mix between Skillet and Evanescence).

Well, that’s all for now. Sorry I haven’t been posting! I still love you all 😉

Over and out,


I’m Still Alive

26 Jan


I’ve just been bogged down by finals, and I’ve been super busy with play practices when I’m not doing something school related.

Thank goodness it’s the last day of the semester! And all that I have left is my 3D Art Final.

Which, if you were wondering, is based off of the following drawing that I did last year.

Yep. Isn’t it beautiful? 🙂 You  can kind of see how I orignially had the ears too big, and then erased them… that’s the annoying thing about scans. But yeah.

I’ll post the little animated video on here, should I ever finish it -_-

Okay, that was pessimistic. I will finish this, I will, I will!

In other news, I can now see how difficult it is for Birdi to always write in third person, since I typed in third person for 24 hours the other day. (Not a full, non-stop 24 hours. But every email/webmail I sent [except to teachers] was in third person.) So now I appreciate her efforts even more! Weirdly enough, I discovered that going back to first person after so long of third person was extremely challenging.

What else has been going on in my life? The current play I’m in. Other than that, nothing… but trust me, school and a musical at the same time are proving difficult right now. (I will post more on the musical later, don’t worry.)

Well, I guess I’m just posting to let you all know that I haven’t abandoned you all.

Oh! More news!

I now have 27 wonderful followers (remember that one post where I was excited because I had 6?!)

It’s strange how exhilarating it is to know that people are actually reading these ramblings. Thanks to you all!

I also have had 83 views on my busiest day, January 5, 2012.

I didn’t even post anything that day. Strange, isn’t it? But seeing that number literally made my heart skip a beat.

I have had 1,657 views total!

Whoa. Just… whoa! This makes me extremely happy, and it makes me feel like I’m beginning to get a name for myself in the blogosphere. So thanks again, all 🙂

Okay, other than that… I have nothing more to say. Bear with me!

Over and Out,