Just Curious…

13 Dec

Hey all!

I now have 15 followers! Yaaay! Surprisingly, I don’t know that many of you in person. So, I’m interested in knowing– out of my blog readers, do I get mostly girls or guys? I’m assuming girls, but you never really know.

WordPress only allows you to stalk your readers to a certain extent, and half the time it’s wrong (I mean, my mom is not from LA!). So, it’d be awesome if you’d answer the poll below and tell me if you’re a guy or a girl. If you really don’t feel like saying, there’s an option for that too 🙂

(I’m not really stalking you guys. It’s just that WordPress does give certain info, usually just where it thinks you’re from [almost always wrong] and your email–if you subscribe or leave a comment. Or your WordPress username, if you have a WordPress account. Anyway.)

I promise; I’ll have an interesting post eventually! But for now, this is all I’ve got. Bear with me.

Over and out,

2 Responses to “Just Curious…”

  1. itspak1 December 14, 2011 at 10:12 am #

    Just killing some time rubbaging around and found your page. Nice looking blog. I’ll have to add the page to come back and see what’s new. keep it up


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