Mission Trip Day 4

28 Aug

Day 4 Verse:

I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. -Philippians 4:13

Well, day 4. The last day of VBS. The day of the ankle injury. The day of the water fight. The day of the exploding lighter. Where do I start?!?

As usual, we started with our refreshing early morning swim. God put so much beauty into our world, and early in the morning the lake looked so calm and peaceful. Anywho…breakfast, devotions, all that good stuff…

We did even more service projects (That’s right! More broken glass!) and played with the kids some, then left for lunch.

Here comes the ankle part. Brace yourselves!!! One of my friends was playing basketball, attempted a slam dunk (and made it) and landed on his ankle. He couldn’t even walk without help! So lunch was really weird that day, because we were all a little bit worried about that ankle…we thought it might be broken…

After lunch, we had a surprise for the kids. WATER FIGHT!!! Do you know how scary it is to be lined up in front of armed kids, defenseless, just knowing that any second you’re going to be attacked with water balloons? It’s terrifying!!! Especially with kids that tough…but cute…

My injured friend manged to get some pictures of the water fight for me (so thanks!) because he had to sit out thanks to his ankle. (I’m telling you, if you hadn’t tried to slam dunk that ball…) Anyway…

The water fight didn’t last long, and the cleanup was kind of tedious, but the kids had a lot of fun with it and I think we all did too. (If someone wasn’t “wet enough” they would receive a hug from someone who was soaked.)

We went back to camp and began to prepare for our very last day of VBS. My “injured friend’s” parents also came to pick him up. (Don’t worry! He sent word to us later; his ankle wasn’t broken, just sprained.)

During our skit(s) that day, the kids absolutely loved our outlaw, Kalamity Kate. You know the deputy and sheriff need a little help if they let an outlaw tie them up! The kids thought that Kalamity Kate and the girl who played her were twins! It was hilarious!

You know, I got to thinking about Kalamity Kate. At the end, she turns herself in, and all because Sadie, the cafe owner, slips a Bible into the bag of money that Kate stole from the bank. She read it, and was changed. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation.” So says 2 Corinthians 5:17. Anyway, our skit got me thinking how even the worst of us can be changed for the better by God. I, for one, have been changed by Him drastically. Last summer, I was the farthest from God I have ever been. Not going into details, but it was to the point of defying my parents, crying myself to sleep every night, lying, being places I shouldn’t have…It was almost like, “God doesn’t care about me. So why should I care about Him?” I was so wrong. Eventually, I found my way back to God, but I was totally new. Even in the last six months, I have been maturing and changing for the better, and all because of God. I think all of us at one time or another have that outlaw inside take over them. But you know what? God can change anyone… even a mean outlaw like Kalamity Kate. No one is undeserving of His love. No one. And that is incredibly profound.

The barbeque after VBS went really well. (“Free food?!” one of the kids said in awe. He couldn’t believe it–everyone who goes over there with food is selling it.) I was on the edge of tears by the end, until I discovered that we would be coming back the next day to say goodbye. But I knew that I would really miss those kids, and took advantage of every minute of it.

Later that night, we were sitting at the campfire, just singing worship songs to the accompaniment of my guitar. Everything was peaceful and calm. It was also past quiet hour, so we shouldn’t have really been out in the first place. The pieces of the set burned happily. (I know. All that hard work for some nice firewood…) Then suddenly, there was a loud bang and a burst of flame. If not for the strap on my guitar, I would have dropped it. Well, guys, never put a lighter too close to a fire. Trust me on this. One of my friends had been just about to step past it, then stepped back for a second, and instantly that lighter exploded. Coincidence? I think not. God totally protected her. If she hadn’t taken that one step back, she could have been really badly injured. That gave us all a scare, but we survived and things went back to normal.

Philippians 4:13 doesn’t lie–I can do ALL THINGS through HIM who gives me strength. Without God, none of us would have been able to do any of what we did that week. It is only because of Him that the mission trip worked out the way it did. Without Him, none of it would have happened. There was a visible change in that community. We could not have done that alone. If someone tries to tell me there is no God, how could I ever believe them after what I saw Him do in that week alone?

I love to get feedback, so please, comment away!!!

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