Mission Trip Day 2

4 Aug

Day Two Verse:

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, who have been called according to His purpose.” -Romans 8:28

The morning began when one of my friends popped her head into my tent and asked if I was ready to swim. I was awake immediately–I always seem to wake up super early when I’m camping. On this particular day I’d woken up a little bit before 6.

A group of us headed down to the lake. It was cold out, but the water was fairly warm and it was the perfect way to get fully awake and refreshed for the day.

We had breakfast and devotions, and then once again headed to “Discovery City, California”, also known as the neighborhood in which we were working. I found that I could understand bits of Spanish conversation, although I only know a few phrases in Spanish. We worked for a long time outside, pulling weeds and picking up trash, and, just our luck, it was raining. It hardly ever rains over there! Whereas, where I live it rains a lot. Did we bring the rain with us on accident or something?

Anywho, then we worked inside the old church–now just a mostly empty building–sorting clothing into piles for a clothing giveaway. It took a long time, but we finally managed some decent piles.

We had lunch in a nearby Foursquare Church and the food, once again authentic Mexican, was really, really good.

Upon arriving back at camp, we discovered that one of the girls’ tents (thankfully not the one I had been in this time) had been lifted off its pegs by the wind, as well as our camp showers. That was interesting.



We got back to “Discovery City” singing songs, only to discover that the set we had worked for hours and hours on and put so much effort into was completely destroyed. When I say destroyed, I mean that it really wasn’t fixable–we wound up using it for firewood.

After getting over the initial shock, we got to work at once clearing it away. According to the kids, the wind had blown it over, and that was probably partially true, but the stakes and sandbags holding it down were gone…

To our surprise, the VBS worked better without the set! The whole VBS had to be done inside, which somehow wound up working better. For one thing, we didn’t bus over the “enemy” kids. The dogs wouldn’t randomly start fighting in the middle of us, and the kids wouldn’t get distracted as easily. Don’t get me wrong, these kids were still mostly squirrel, but things went so, so, SO much better! The troublemakers from the day before were now the kids getting into the songs and having the most fun. It was an amazing change.

Just like our “Verse of the Day” says, all things, even those that may seem bad, work together for good with God.

Day one had felt like a flop, day two felt like a victory.

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